This will be the new page for Charlie Knight's things, it was started at Pascha, 2009.

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CC Christmas Carols Wreath and link to carol sheet of some words  .  Cancer Concert and link to larger pdf     small image and link to thank you card for small envelope       Pascha_2009     cross  link to one page Pascha Greetings in many languages     link to wikipedia Pascha greetings in many languages          Thanksgiving 2007     Christmas_3_panel     christmass-2007 nativity from west wall       small image and a link to hopital thank you card      New Testemant Bible Challenge and lilnk to PDF    Amanda Knox and link to Charlies comments

CeK's milestones or comments in the last months of 2009
July     August 1-9     August 9-14     August 14-28     August 28- September 10    September 11-19    September 20-26
September 27-October 3     October 4-10     October 11-17     October 18-24     October 25-31     November 1-7     November 8-14
November 15-21    November 12-28    November 29-December 5     December 6-12    December 13-19    December 20-26    December 27-Jan. 2, 2010   
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