Charlie Knight
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August 28 - September 10, 2009

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I was discharged to my apartment at 32 Byers Street (# 101) in Springfield, MA (zip 01105-1221) and aftrer getting my medicines at CVS (a long wait while they got the right Boston Health Net/MassHealth number for drugs) I got to the apartment by 7:30PM and the Birthday Partry PAM did for me (I was supposed to have sponsored it this month) was still going strong and I learned with great pride of how both the Resident Manager and Assistant Resident Manger, Tenants Union Officers and Open Pantry's Loaves and Fishes Kitchen all chipped in to get the job done.

But in the hast to get things back in my room as the third trip to the storage facility did not materialized the night before (they were in the hallway, and as such a fire hazard) and when I got there I saw why the people from Home City Housing (Property Management Company) thought they could not put a bid in here. Bob Maurice, who was with me, and MariLynn Delude (who was also with me) helped me move some things around so there was space for a bed. Pam gives me Birthday ice cread and Soda (Ginger Ale) while I did not want any cake. I just wanted to lay down and get my brace off and sleep. And then the Resident Manager got a guy to bring in a mattress, it fit as I knew it could. Pam (who lives on my floor) also let me borrow her box spring and mattress (she would sleep on the couch for about a week until my friend, Tonly Lalikos, could bring me a bed frame, box spring and mattess (I think he bought to box spring as it still had the plastic around it. Another Tenants Union officer helped to bring the box spring and mattresss in and take the mattress and box spring Pam had loaned me out of my room) so I could sleep that night. I could not find my regular bedding but found something and was able to take my medicines for that night and then get to bed.

I will tell more but at the end of this period of time Mercy Home Care had determined that my apartment building was to unsafe for them to send people to and all such services were terminated and I was given papers to sign that I understood that they had terminated services. I cried but there was nothing I thought that I could do about it and felt so alone.