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September 27-October 03, 2009

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I got down to the Church worship service and my church's (St. George Greek Orthodox Church) and was so tired when I got back. Before that I had gone with the church to a special event on a bus, boy was I worn out by the end of the week last week.

The doctor that operated on my I consulted as I thought I had wrenched my back in trying to get my brace on during one of the many false fire alarms in my building and the word back was for me to rest this weekend so I will.

I applied for food stamps, and will see next week, they need some more income verification and rental stuff. I sent it to them but they did not get it as yet. I will check with them Monday of next week I have even made a tri-fold resume like a brochure, to show the graphic arts skills I learned at college and saved it as a PDF file, so I'll send that tot he
Food Stamp people also, maybe they can help me get a job when I am able to work .

PLEASE pray that God provide for me the income so I can get well and do the work He wants me to do. PRAY I am healed in mind, sprit, soul, body and be as HE wills!

I got down to volunteer and help at this years Project Homeless Connect at the Mass Mutual Center. I modified a flyer you can give to someone who is homeless.
And this city of Springfield link tells about last year's event and has links to next week's 2009 Project connect. I am doing this because I believe in this help and I am part of the Leadership Council of the Western Massachusetts Regional Network to End Homelessness . I saw other members of the leadership council there. I assisted one guy getting and id, it looked hopeless and he showed someone after we had waited in lines for about 2 hours his old id. Wouldn't you know it, the thing was still good for another 3 years and some months. He had read it wrong and thought it had expired like his lady friend's had. After that I helped a bit at the check-in spot for peoples belongings. I was worn out when we went for the Data Analyst hiring committee meeting that I got a ride up to Northampton and the location with. I was so surprised when he told me the number of people in good jobs that are facing foreclosure because they lost one income source.

Finally we got Hampden County Visiting Nurse to come and see me (through the efforts of Ann Humphries, RN. and Healthnet Care Manager at the Mason Square Neighborhood Health Service), but they thought I was far enough along since my discharge from rehab services than they could provide with home visits. She also thought that I would be better served by the people at 360 Bernie Ave. So ( a friend of mine pushed me to contact Greater Springfield Senior Services) apparently my file was closed last week when I was not in my room to answer my phone. A fellow by the name of Peter at Greater Springfield Senior Services will try and open my files next week. I also saw Julie, my counselor at Open Door Social Services, and got some more certifications out of the way. I had many appointments and the people at MART for Pioneer Valley, paid for my MassHealth, have been wonderful at taking me to medical appointments and then getting me to bring me back to my apartment building.

As I said last week, October 18th and the Western Massachusetts Arthritis Foundation Walk is coming up soon.. I have a team I am Captain of called the "3 linkers" (click on the name "three linkers" to see a card that can be printed to show the website address) and hope people reading this will come to the website at and
join our team or donate to the cause and preferably both. More information is at this link, small arthritis walk image click on the image (or this link) to see and print it. If they want to they can send donations to me and I will put them on the website, all I ask is tell me if you want this to be made as a donation in the name of someone or some organization. Arthritis does not just cripple old folks, it hits hard also the young, like the 2 year old. Let's all get behind this and put Arthritis out of business in this country as we did Polio.