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November 15 - November 21, 2009

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Tony Lalikos picked me up and brought me back from Church at (St. George Greek Orthodox Church). I left after church to go to McDonalds and pick up the ride to the Florence area of Northampton and Look Park where we had the Memorial for Austin Miller. I did get back by 3:30PM but was taken directly to my apartment, so by the time I got down to the church the General Assembly meeting was all over with. Just hours before Austin Miller's memorial time we heard that Mark J. Hall, who had only recently turned 49, had died in his sleep at our building (about two hours before I had fallen Sat. AM). Some of us went to the time at the Funeral Home and the Graveside for Mark Wednesday and some people here are putting together a memorial time at the Rainville for 3PM Sun, the 22nd. Many of us are very distraught over this loss. Mark was a help to many and a vey good man.

I used up most of the food stamps on soups, etc. when Penny G. made arraingments to take me shopping Thursday. She helped me buy some of the non-foodstuffs items, toilet paper, etc. As I may have said before, I had to apply for medicare parts A and B and I could not do that without applying for Social Security Benefits. However, since I could not get employed with any of the degrees I had, my check would be about 90 dollars a mongth. It would have been $195 or so but $98 needs to go to the part B medicare payment. So, reluctanly, and since I need to pay for money I borrowed after the accident, I have reluctantly applied for SSI, federal welfare. The amounts I can earn on this have apparently been raise. All I know is that social security say they have made a decision on my case, and in Dec. I hope to find out what will be comming. The first check will be partial because I started the process at the beginning of November but by the time they had checked out things it was into the third week in November and they tell you the normal wait is 45 days to 4 months.

PLEASE pray that God provide for me the income so I can get well and do the work He wants me to do. PRAY I am healed in mind, sprit, soul, body and be as HE wills! I have done what I needed to do for social security and the SSI stuff now that I am 65, and my health insurance ran out then.

Like I said last week; I have had "electric shocks" go through my body, and a tingling like you get when a portin of your body has "gone to sleep", which for me is almost all the time. I am scared. Please pray for me. Nerves like electric shocks. I am afraid that these things will be with me the rest of my natural life. My Doctor let me cut medicins and that helped some.. I had to be without medicines for about 20 hrs and my hands were much better. So we dropped that drug. Then it came back again. Tuesday I had x-rays taken, I guess they were not in on Monday when I saw my Doctor and another Physician in focused care. So far they have not told me but my back hurts a lot and the lumps seem to be in the wrong places. It was last Saturday at 2am when I tried to walk some, I have restless leg syndrome. If I walk some then sometimes I can sleep. I walked past our hall into the entrance way to see if it was raining outside. I went to go back into my hall and before I got to the door both my knees gave way. Oh what I fight to get strength in them and stand up, but I was now on an angle and the TSLO brace weighted me over and I fell down on my back on the same spot the 3 vertibrae, or what I had left of them, was screwed into the 4th vertebrae. The next day, Sunday, I hurt. So I called up and the nurse got a "focused care" appointment for Monday. They had to have the x-rays done on Tuesday. I hurt more by Thursday and yet by Friday still no word. I will call maybe monday. Most people with my injuries would not be able to walk as I can.

On Wednesday as well I went to Dr. Frasiero's office as Mass Health wanted me to and hey said all was fine. The sutures in the teeth should be desolving soon, and in fact some did as I took the bus back to my place.

Wednesday night we installed the Officers of Amity Lodge # 172, Independent Order of Odd Fellows. I got up there early, I thought. But I passed out on the bus, narcolepsy, and had to walk about 3 miles back to where I should have gotten off. I was so tired that night.

Thursday I did almost nothing but the therapy appointments and they can not do any more until my health insurance is responding to them.

My friend went to the Hospital and they would not treat him. Then he went to another Hospital and they discharged him Friday and he is home all alone with no one to help him. He called and I suggested that he call his pastor and he came up to visit him and brought some tv dinners. My friend is in very bad shape and has been spitting out blood when he caughs . Please Pray for Wesley Carr as he is very ill right now and needs help. Friday I talked with him most of the day as has been the case for many days. He used to live across the hall from me in the Rainville when I moved to the first floor. I am emailing my friend some info on the Meals-on-Wheels in Berkshire County that might be able to help a disabled fellow through Elder Services which is 35 years old. The links are for the suppliments and if they don't work, go to thier main website at

I am concerned about my back and during this week my arms, hands, and such seem to be "buzzing" all the time. Don't mind telling you I am scared.


These are some of the commitments next week. People had bveen asking what I was going to be doing this week.

Church and I am not certain what else until 3PM when the memorial service for Mark Hall is to begin in our Community Room at the Rainville. That evening he Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches will gather at St. George for a Thanks Giving service.

Up and clothes on then brace on, then get out of bed. Call Neighberhood and Ann Humphries at 8AM, see if they have any info. on my back. I don't know if I can do classes next semester..
Check on Welsey by phone.

Morning is free, sort of and no Bible Study that night I have been given the honor of helping Disrtict Deputy Grand Master, Samuel C. White, install a Lodge, I will be Disctrict Deputy Grand Chaplain.

Nothing schedualed but I would like to go down to the Rescue Mission and get a Thanksgiving meal, at least the mashed potatoes, I think it is at 4pm.

The morning looks free, but I am committed to watching the back hallways and directing people to the bathrooms at the High School of Commerce when Open Pantry puts of the ThanksGiving Holiday Meal.

We help clean up early in the morning after the Thanks Giving meal, take stuff back to storage until Christmas and food left over to people. I ahve an appointment with a professional that afternoon..

I don't think I have anything schedualed for today, but I would like to visit my friend(s) in the Berkshires, if I am able to take the trip..

Well, that was less things schedualed than I thought of, watch it all change. That is why I normally do not post this until after stuff has happened, and yet people asked me what I was doing, and so here is the reply.


Thank you for your prayers. The neuro surgeon still wants to do surgery on my neck and take ot the intervertebral items and put something else in and fuse/screw these vertebrae in my neck, and there is a chance that if they do this, I will loose my ability to swallow.

I have made a tri-fold resume like a brochure, saved it as a PDF file,and gave it to the Food Stamp people in case they know of a job when I am able to work . I am looking for some work as soon as I can find some. Social Security, when I signed up, said I would get $98 a month


It has been over a month since Sunday, October 18th and the Western Massachusetts Arthritis Foundation Walk. BUT YOU CAN STILL DONATE. I was/am Captain of a team called the "3 linkers" (click on the name "three linkers" to see a card that can be printed to show the website address) and hope people reading this will come to the website at and join our team or donate to the cause and preferably both. More information is at this link, small arthritis walk image click on the image (or this link) to see and print it. If they want to they can send donations to me and I will put them on the website, all I ask is tell me if you want this to be made as a donation in the name of someone or some organization. Arthritis does not just cripple old folks, it hits hard also the young, like the 2 year old. Let's all get behind this and put Arthritis out of business in this country as we did Polio.

Donate to the team today, help us reach our goal. We would like to raise over 500 dollars, but set our goal at $200 because not that many folks have joined us yet. Be a help to your community, join or give to the Arathritis Foundation through our team, the "3 linkers", it is NOT o late to donate.