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November 08 - November 14, 2009

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Tony Lalikos picked me up and brought me back from Church at (St. George Greek Orthodox Church). I wonder if Katheryn, Jeremy and Joan went to St .Stephen's Orthodox Catholic Church out on Sumner Ave. I am exhausted again. Last Friday I had my teeth out and I am putting the images of them before and after the extractions.

teeth-charlies before and after extractions

I used up most of the food stamps on soups, etc. I also have cans of stuff I really do not know how to cook or I really do not like to eat much. I was going to check the food pantry this week, but I don't know if I have the enegy to do so. Gifts of money have come in and a bag of soup cans from Father Hary of Trinity Grek Orthodos Church in Holyoke, MA..

PLEASE pray that God provide for me the income so I can get well and do the work He wants me to do. PRAY I am healed in mind, sprit, soul, body and be as HE wills!


Like I said last week; I have had "electric shocks" go through my body, and a tingling like you get when a portin of your body has "gone to sleep", which for me is almost all the time. I am scared. Please pray for me. Nerves like electric shocks. I am afraid that these things will be with me the rest of my natural life. I want to ask he Doctor about the medicins they are giving me. I had to be without medicines for about 20 hrs and my hands were much better.

As I think I sadi last week; last Monday I found out I had to get things for the Dr. and so I did it monday afternoon and Tuesday. They told me Thursday we could have the teeth out Friday. I was expecting a room to stay overnight as the last time I had this done a nurse said "you know we had to bring you back twice last night", so I did not want to take any chances. I went to class Monday and Wednesday of last week and to the doctors and therapists and orthotics people by Thusday night. So tired and next door had to have one of her Thursday night parties. I slept for a bit with my brace on in the laundry room, it was quieter. Got some sleep from 4pm unt until 8pm, on and off.

What a mix up at the hospital. I might have to stay for the overnight bill. I will try and talk with Ann Humphries then. My Birthday in monday so I might have run out of time. I will try and put here what we find out.


These are some of the commitments this week. Peole had bveen asking what I was going to be doing this week.

Up and clothes on then brace on, then get out of bed. Call Neighberhood and Ann Humphries at 8AM, off to Church for my name day service in the chapel (Nektarios).
Basic Typing 10:10 to 11AM , go home and check with Ann Humpries about the Hospital Bill. Meeting at STCC 4:30-6PM
Send out the notices by email for the VIMUG meeting at college, when I secure a room.

Morning is free, sort of (bet it gets filled up by the time I contact Ann Humphries at Neighborhood Health Center).
Medical appointments st 3PM, 5PM, and 5:45PM. Check if someone came to the VIMUG meeting that was moved to Wed. at noon. Then to Bible study. Then bed.

Basic Typing 10:10 to 11:00 AM , then the VIMUG meeting at noontime. The afternoon (the Sunday before) looks free. Then the Tenants Union meeting at 7:PM.

The morning looks free, but I think I commited to something then, but don't think I wrote it down. Thursday afternoon is a medical appointment at 4:15PM

Basic Typing last Class. I hope I get an 'A' in the class. Nothing else is schedualed for today.

I don't think I have anything schedualed for today, but I think there is a funeral I want to attend Sunday.

Well, that was less things schedualed than I thought of, watch it all change. That is why I normally do not post this until after stuff has happened, and yet people asked me what I was doing, and so here is the reply.


Thank you for your prayers. The neuro surgeon still wants to do surgery on my neck and take ot the intervertebral items and put something else in and fuse/screw these vertebrae in my neck, and there is a chance that if they do this, I will loose my ability to swallow.

I have made a tri-fold resume like a brochure, saved it as a PDF file,and gave it to the Food Stamp people in case they know of a job when I am able to work . I am looking for some work as soon as I can find some. Social Security, when I signed up, said I would get $98 a month


Sunday, October 18th and the Western Massachusetts Arthritis Foundation Walk. BUT YOU CAN STILL DONATE. I was/am Captain of a team called the "3 linkers" (click on the name "three linkers" to see a card that can be printed to show the website address) and hope people reading this will come to the website at and join our team or donate to the cause and preferably both. More information is at this link, small arthritis walk image click on the image (or this link) to see and print it. If they want to they can send donations to me and I will put them on the website, all I ask is tell me if you want this to be made as a donation in the name of someone or some organization. Arthritis does not just cripple old folks, it hits hard also the young, like the 2 year old. Let's all get behind this and put Arthritis out of business in this country as we did Polio.

Donate to the team today, help us reach our goal. We would like to raise over 500 dollars, but set our goal at $200 because not that many folks have joined us yet. Be a help to your community, join or give to the Arathritis Foundation through our team, the "3 linkers", it is NOT o late to donate.