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Charlie Knight
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May 30 to June 05, 2010

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Last weekend (Friday) I went up to the family home to see what had happened as I was told it had been broken into . I thought of all the work to be done at the home in New Marlborough, and now more work as radiators were st olen from my car and a friend's car that had been stored there. My Moon-Raker-4 CB antena was gone and my CB big-stick antenna was also gone, as well as anything else that was aluminum or copper that they could take away. I was heartbroken. Alice has let me stay in her house, but now she says I must get my stuff out in a few weeks. I was so discouraged, I insited on going to my family home Sunday am and I bicycled the 15 or so miles down to All Saints of America in the Twin Lakes section of Salisbury, CT. They have been nice to me and sent me some monitary support when they found out about the accident and that I had no income. I really enjoy worshiping there. The week stared innocently enough with a holiday and Alice and I put flowers on the graves of family and friends. I did not go up to the college and see people, tuesday because Monday seemed to just meld into Tuesday and I awoke on Wednesday thinnking it was Tuesday. So I took the bus back and arrived at the apartment at about 1PM. Preparations were made for the Wdnesday Tennants Union Annual Meeting. I attended a STCC-Stompers Relay-fo-Life meeting Wed. at 2:30PM, a Planning Committee for the Greater Springfield Relay at 5Pm, Amity Lodge at 7PM, and at 8PM the Rainville Tenants Union Annual Meeting, finally to bed at about 11:55PM, I was tired. Thursday I did not want to get up. I did thought and got some work done in preparation for Friday. Friday was the Relay for Life, and I was to be there at 8AM, I did not get there until after 10AM. I had someone drop my my apartment and I did not gete to bed early and then kept awakening every hour or so. Then, at about 7AM I fell into a deep sleep and did not awaken until about 9AM. We worked hard at relay, unloading chairs, and stuff. Oh did my back hurt. I walked some laps for the STCC Stompers team but had a lot of committee work that had to be done, sitting for security, etc. Finally I chaired the Smores at 4AM event and when it was done with left the rest of the committee members to clean up (they were going to leave Graham Crackers and Chocolate for walkers) and walked myself back to the apartment. By 5:45AM I had taken a bath, packed my clothes and ready outside. My ride came and I was taken to Medford and the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts meeting, Independent Order of Odd Fellows. It was a good but sobering meeting. There are challenges we need to meet. After the session the installation service begain. I was installed as the Grand Conductor. Then the newly installed officers gathered to go out of recess and we closed the Grand Lodge Session with prayer. Samuel C. White, Grand Instructor for t he Grand Lodge of Massachusetss, I.O.O.F., gave me a ride home. It was then that I heard that one of our past Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, I.O.O.F., Michael Beaulieu (2004), was in the hospital again, I will check with Sam White earlier in the week as he was going to contact Mike.

Please continue to pray. My back and especially my neck muscles hurt. The professionals still say I need hearing aids in both ears. I am happy with the way the 2nd opinion Doctor is proceeding, cautiously and by getting lots of empirical information before a decsion is mage. I go to see him again a few days after the 4th of July. The pain in my arms, still feels like the muscles are atrophying; as if the muscles are being torn away from my bones. I saw my primary chare physician and she had no suggestion as to what to do. She thought maybe the Senior Care Option special insurance might help me with massage therapy but the regular insurance will not pay. I am under MassHealth so I have experienced first hand what "ObamaCare" would be like. As I said, it hurts, but then releaving the pain is not a priority when you are not an important person.

But during the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, I.O.O.F., I noted that my arms and especially the hads had a much reduced pain level.
Maybe because I was not at a computer at any time during Friday-Saturday until Sunday evening. Maybe the carple tunnel is acting up.

I was reminded I must be in the Berkshires last weekend to put out flowers for Memorial Day at the graves. So I took a bus up and back (about $50 round trip) and attended the Stockbridge Grange meeting. They had paid my dues for this year when I had no money, so I paid for next year, just a few months ahead and I will not need to worry about it in November.

I have told so many times how I enjoy singing in the choir but God has used that to remind me of how little I have been doing on what he told me to do. The work is before me and I really should do it so I am asking people to pray and ask God for direction.. I seem to be running into the opposite direction from what I think I should be doing. I often feel I have not made the right decisons most of the time. I just does not feel good to think you are a called a worthless nobody by many people and the inference is that can not contribute much at all to life and the "society" is taking care of your minimal needs until you finally hurry up and die. That review of my life is so depressing. It seems that every time I have had an opportunity to make a decision, I have made the wrong one. People seem to say I make the wrong decsions BUT if I do follow thier advice, and it turns out wrong, I am still blamed for doing so anyway. At the Relay for Life a friend asked me not to speak those negative words out loud, not even to think of them. She said they are said by people who think I am achieving something they could not achive, so they say the negative things about me to make them feel better. Then when I came back from Grand Lodge I was told that regardless of what some people may think, the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, I.O.O.F., sees a value in me and I should focus upon that positive expectation. I just do now know what to do. I will be away from Saturday anyway through maybe Tuesday of next week. So I am writing this as I do not expect to be here to do so this weekend. Thanks for praying for me as you read these comments.

I think one needs to rely on GOD and test the advice you are given and then go forwards;"full speed ahead"!

The Bible Reading Guide that it seemed God prompted me to assemble for the Orthodox Study Bible is in a PDF format for people to look at, perhaps others would enjoy keeping up with it.



charlie, nektarios ippotis


The info. below is still sort of ok.

I have made a tri-fold resume like a brochure, my doctor said no work for at lest the next 3-6 months, ouch. It was last year, October 18th, when many donated to the Western Massachusetts Arthritis Foundation Walk. My back hurts, my neck hurts, I just plain hurt. I hope people will donate also again this coming fall.

Soon I am helping in the Relay for Life of the American Cancer Society. We had meetings on it this week on the PTK induction ceremony next week but I did not go.


What follows are the new information about my injuries and the progress from my NeuroSurgeon! I am in great pain and have difficulty doing many things.
I said last before that I would probably take them down from here. Now I will keep them up a little longer so you can see what I am having difficulty in healing from.

about central cordd syndrom and new findings         Old Medical News, no longer so        spine and ares that is screwed together

Click on the images above to go to links to more information

I was released of the braces on the same day as my accident, but 4 months later!   BUT NOW I HAVE LOTS OF PAIN.   And they do not know why !!!

But the new medicines are helping the pain in the left had some. I thank God for my current Doctor.