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Charlie Knight
his milestones for

July 18 to July 24, 2010

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U.S. mail at 32 Byers Street, Apt. # 101, Springfield, MA 01105
if you can offer help or assistance in any way.

Time to get some things done. Tonly Lalikos called and took me to church with my lugage for a trip to the Berkshires and he brought me to the bus station so I could purchase a tickit on the bus at 12:30pm. Alice Davis waited at her church service site in the car in the shade and brought me down to mow and throw out some stuff. Monday we went into Great Barrington and I brought in the weed eater that needs to be tuned up and bought contractors bags. Then Monday afternoon I threw all sorts of stuff out the window and then Alice or I would pick them up and take them to a pile of junk. I am so tired form working at the family home. The roof is well in on my Father's side where I grew up. The antennas and any medical stuff they could find are gone. I feel so violated. But I must work on these things as Alice Davis wants all my stuff out of her house by the end of this month. I doubt I can make that deadline.

Monday night I went to West Stockbridge Grange with Alice and then she brought me to Wesley's place. The drains had overflowed and water had gone down the stairs and through walls into his unit. We had to sleep in the community room.

Fans on all nigh but did nto do a lot of good. I went to Price Chopper and got some boxes Tuesday am and tried to pick up his stuff and put it in the tubs he had bought so he does not get evicted. Wesley looke up the time the bus left and he said it was 5:55PM.

So we got out there at 5:45PM. By 7:25PM the bus came back in the opposit direction. So I had missed the bus. Wesley got an arraingement with a afriend that has a taxie service and he only charged me the amount I would have paid for the bus. Wesley came along and got to see some friends in our building as he use to live here. I went to bed at about 11PM.

Just like the on-line program in PHP class , I can't seem to be able to make time for the CSS class either. I give up, can't do it with other things pressing on me. The SitePoint peopel say the lessons will be online for at least 3 months or 6 months more, so maybe I can do it later. Where did the time go, it seemed it way only May 31st a few days ago and now July is ending soon. By the way, these programs are by SitePoint in Austrailia. I like these on-line learning sessions.

The Rainville Board, 32 Byer Street, Inc., met four weeks ago and we heard that the property management company wants to purchase our building for "no money" to help by "taking it off our hands" when it soon will have an equity of 1.4 million dollars as the mortgages will be paid off. Pam has lined up a board member and I should do the same. Pam Drost has a person lined up to be on the board of directors and I have hd 3 rejections so far. We should have met again this Monday, but the President seemed to not want to call a meeting until the board of directors could meet privately to discuss this prospect.

I want so much to get up to the old home more often and try and repaire some of it. But the first priortiy is to mow the grass that is so high there. I need professional assistance as to what I can do and what I can not do, but I do not know whom to talk with.

Please continue to pray. My back and especially my neck muscles often hurt, but the pain in thehands is decreasing.. The professionals still say I need hearing aids in both ears. I am happy with the way the 2nd opinion Doctor is proceeding, cautiously and by getting lots of empirical information before a decsion is mage. I go to see him the 7th of July and he says I can ride a bicycle. I have a folding bicycle in storage and will bring it up to my Graphics instructor to look at and tune up. The pain in my arms, still feels like the muscles are atrophying; as if the muscles are being torn away from my bones. I saw my primary chare physician and she had no suggestion as to what to do. She thought maybe the Senior Care Option special insurance might help me with massage therapy but the regular insurance will not pay. I am under MassHealth so I have experienced first hand what "ObamaCare" would be like. As I said, it hurts, but then releaving the pain is not a priority when you are not an important person.

God is healing that spine and I might not need another operation.

I will take buses and hitch hike if need be to get to the family home and start throwing out things

I often feel I have not made the right decisons most of the time. I just does not feel good to think you are a called a worthless nobody by many people and the inference is that can not contribute much at all to life and the "society" is taking care of your minimal needs until you finally hurry up and die. That review of my life is so depressing. It seems that every time I have had an opportunity to make a decision, I have made the wrong one. People seem to say I make the wrong decsions BUT if I do follow thier advice, and it turns out wrong, I am still blamed for doing so anyway. At the Relay for Life a friend asked me not to speak those negative words out loud, not even to think of them. She said they are said by people who think I am achieving something they could not achive, so they say the negative things about me to make them feel better. Then when I came back from Grand Lodge I was told that regardless of what some people may think, the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, I.O.O.F., sees a value in me and I should focus upon that positive expectation. I just do now know what to do. I will be away from Saturday anyway through maybe Tuesday of next week. So I am writing as I was away this weekend and could not update this spot on the inernet for a while. Thanks for praying for me as you read these comments.


I am typing this a bit early as our Lodge (Springfield # 235, I.O.O.F.) is having a picnic today out in West Springfield at our Past Grand Master's house and back yard. I have been offered a ride, but I think I would rather take the bus. Ray said we would begin to eat about 2PM, so I think I should get there by 1PM if I can. I am writing this a 9:39AM, and I might go back to bed. I have been so worried about our home that I have not slept much.

I think one needs to rely on GOD and test the advice you are given and then go forwards;"full speed ahead"!

I think back onthe Cathedral of the Pines I went with Ray Laborde and his wife Paulline to and the "Steak Roast" I went to at Amherst Lodge at one of thier members large back yard in the country. I do like the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the good works of beneficence that they do..

The Bible Reading Guide that it seemed God prompted me to assemble for the Orthodox Study Bible is in a PDF format for people to look at, perhaps others would enjoy keeping up with it.



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The info. below is still sort of ok.

I have made a tri-fold resume like a brochure, my doctor said no work for at lest the next 3-6 months, ouch. It was last year, October 18th, when many donated to the Western Massachusetts Arthritis Foundation Walk. My back hurts, my neck hurts, I just plain hurt. I hope people will donate also again this coming fall.

Soon I am helping in the Relay for Life of the American Cancer Society. We had meetings on it this week on the PTK induction ceremony next week but I did not go.


What follows are the new information about my injuries and the progress from my NeuroSurgeon! I am in great pain and have difficulty doing many things.
I said last before that I would probably take them down from here. Now I will keep them up a little longer so you can see what I am having difficulty in healing from.

about central cordd syndrom and new findings         Old Medical News        spine and ares that is screwed together

Click on the images above to go to links to more information

I was released of the braces on the same day as my accident, but 4 months later!   BUT THE ALMOST CONSTANT PAIN IS SUBSIDING SOME.   And they do not know why the pain came, but am glad it seems to be going away little by little!!!

The new medicines are helping the pain in the left had some, but moving it and exercising it seems to be the best thing. I thank God for my current Primary Care Doctor and for the "Second Opinion Surgion" that said I could ride a bicyle and be more active if I was careful.. Rhank GOD for these improvements.