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Charlie Knight
his milestones for

August 08 to August 14, 2010

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U.S. mail at 32 Byers Street, Apt. # 101, Springfield, MA 01105
if you can offer help or assistance in any way.

Alice Davis came down to Westfield whre I met her through the PVTA bus at Westfield State College, parking lot by scanlon hall. We got a lot done and the tree got taken away last week and hopefully they will grind the stump soon. Alic also had her roof on her house in Pittsfield redone and I am trying to get up next week to pack my stuff and put it somewhere that I have had at her home in montery which she is now selling. Wish I had money to buy it. It is only 3 miles away from the family home. Alice also took me down tot he social meeting at Springfield Lodge # 235 and we got there abut 15 min before it was all over with. Construction and detors everywhere. We went baack through route 57 as I know that route and I did not think there was any construction on it. We stopped at the top of a steep hill a it was raining so hard we could not safely see any distnce through the rain. We sat there for about a half hour and then continued on getting to Monterey and that house by about 11:45PM Almost everything has been at something and 45minutes today. Tuesday we went up to see about the roofing work in Pittsfield and learned that Paul Oleskiewicz and his wife are getting a divorce. Alice and I were devistated as Paul and his wife Judy have been good friends since Alice went through the flooding of her home as hey did (just days after she had bought the house and taken her most prefiouis it4ems up to it, only to have them and the carpeting and most of the sidewalls destoyed. She could only afford to have it fixed up to a portion of what it looked like when she bought the house. I could not get down to the Tenants Union meeting on Wednesday and called. Pam said they would postphone it until Thursday. I got down in time but others were not able to come. So we will do any business we need to do on the last Wednesday of the month when we have the Birthday Party. Friday I took the bus to Amherst, $17 for a round trip ticket, no breaks, $8.50 one way for the senior fare. I got there in time to start my shift on the Registration Table of the NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) summer conference. I got to see the keynote speaker Friday and Saturday nights, but my arms hurt and I have tried to rest.

If they seem to get worse Monday AM I will call the doctor to see if I can see her then. I expect they will get worse. I found myself much of the time back at the dorm room trying to rest. Unless I find a ride, I will be trying to get a bus back down to Springfield, probably another $8.50. I did contact and go to see the Bicycle shop that sells DaHon bicycles and then had one like mine. I was almsot tempte to buy it, but I really do not have the money, not even the low price of $400. I was so happy to be able to work at this NOFA conference.

The roof has fallen in on my Father's side where I grew up. The antennas and any medical stuff the robbers could find are gone. I feel so violated. But I must work on these things as Alice Davis wants all my stuff out of her house by the end of this month. I doubt I can make that deadline. But maybe by the 3rd week in August.

I have told so many people of when I got to use the folding bicycle and I had in storage. And how it worked fine until I went to go over the rail road tracks. Then it folded and dumped me across two sets of tracks. I was going to assess if I was hurt, but then I heard the train horn. Looking up I saw the train coming at me about 24 to 50 feet away.

I had a all I could do to roll over and grab a portion of the bicycle and drag it, scratching it all the way to a spot bout 8 feet away from the tracks as the train came through gaining speed every second. I was really shook up. I road the trail and then came back to the apartment and did not ride it until this Wednesday. I was late for a medical appointment. I attempted to ride the bicycle to that appointment but during the pot holed area by Baystate Hospital it started folding up on me about 5 times.

I put it on the pvta bus and got a transfer to go back to the room. But the bus driver said my wheels were to small and had me leave the bus and take and walk the bicycle back, and that is what I have done. I think it was an expensive bicycle but I have ruined any value it had by scratching it so. If you click on this link it will tell you a bit about this happening.

Please continue to pray. My back and especially my neck muscles often hurt, but the pain in thehands is decreasing. But after the accient myarms hurt and my neck again. The professionals still say I need hearing aids in both ears. I am happy with the way the 2nd opinion Doctor is proceeding, cautiously and by getting lots of empirical information before a decsion is mage. I go to see him the 7th of July and he says I can ride a bicycle. I have a the bicycle I had when I had the accident and I hope to bring it up to my Graphics instructor to look at and tune up. The pain in my arms, still feels like the muscles are atrophying; as if the muscles are being torn away from my bones. I saw my primary chare physician and she had no suggestion as to what to do. She thought maybe the Senior Care Option special insurance might help me with massage therapy but the regular insurance will not pay. I am under MassHealth so I have experienced first hand what "ObamaCare" would be like. As I said, it hurts, but then releaving the pain is not a priority when you are not an important person. I expect to be working at the NOFA, Northeast Organic Farming Association's Summer Conference in Amherst the 13th through 15th to pay for my dorm room and confrence fees. I like working for these people that have consistantly supported a smaller carbon footprint and permaculture and solar energy when it was not fashionable to do so. Come on up and enjoy the conference. This link will tell you the charges, and the many, many workshops.

God is healing that spine and I might not need another operation.

I will take buses and hitch hike if need be to get to the family home and start throwing out things

I often feel I have not made the right decisons most of the time. I just does not feel good to think you are a called a worthless nobody by many people and the inference is that can not contribute much at all to life and the "society" is taking care of your minimal needs until you finally hurry up and die. That review of my life is so depressing. It seems that every time I have had an opportunity to make a decision, I have made the wrong one. People seem to say I make the wrong decsions BUT if I do follow thier advice, and it turns out wrong, I am still blamed for doing so anyway. At the Relay for Life a friend asked me not to speak those negative words out loud, not even to think of them. She said they are said by people who think I am achieving something they could not achive, so they say the negative things about me to make them feel better. Then when I came back from Grand Lodge I was told that regardless of what some people may think, the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, I.O.O.F., sees a value in me and I should focus upon that positive expectation. I just do now know what to do. I will be away from Saturday anyway through maybe Tuesday of next week. So I am writing this as I hope to get a ride or take a bus back to the Berkshiree wtih some suitcases to get stuff out of Alices home which she is trying to sell.



I am typing this a bit early as our Lodge (Springfield # 235, I.O.O.F.) will have a social meeting monday the 9th of August and I might not bet to putting this up before that. Tuesday will be the regular Tenant's Union meeting, and then get ready to go to Amherst.

I think one needs to rely on GOD and test the advice you are given and then go forwards;"full speed ahead"!

I think back on the Cathedral of the Pines I went with Ray Laborde and his wife Paulline to and the "Steak Roast" I went to at Amherst Lodge at one of thier members large back yard in the country. I do like the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the good works of beneficence that they do..

The Bible Reading Guide that it seemed God prompted me to assemble for the Orthodox Study Bible is in a PDF format for people to look at, perhaps others would enjoy keeping up with it.



charlie, nektarios ippotis


The info. below is still sort of ok.

I have made a tri-fold resume like a brochure, my doctor said no work for at lest the next 3-6 months, ouch. It was last year, October 18th, when many donated to the Western Massachusetts Arthritis Foundation Walk. My back hurts, my neck hurts, I just plain hurt. I hope people will donate also again this coming fall.

Soon I am helping in the Relay for Life of the American Cancer Society. We had meetings on it this week on the PTK induction ceremony next week but I did not go.


What follows are the new information about my injuries and the progress from my NeuroSurgeon! I am in great pain and have difficulty doing many things.
I said last before that I would probably take them down from here. Now I will keep them up a little longer so you can see what I am having difficulty in healing from.

about central cordd syndrom and new findings         Old Medical News        spine and ares that is screwed together

Click on the images above to go to links to more information

I was released of the braces on the same day as my accident, but 4 months later!   BUT THE ALMOST CONSTANT PAIN IS SUBSIDING SOME.   And they do not know why the pain came, but am glad it seems to be going away little by little!!!

The new medicines are helping the pain in the left had some, but moving it and exercising it seems to be the best thing. I thank God for my current Primary Care Doctor and for the "Second Opinion Surgion" that said I could ride a bicyle and be more active if I was careful.. Rhank GOD for these improvements.