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Charlie Knight
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April 04 to April 10, 2010

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We ended Holy Week with the first days of this Month and this week starts on Ressurction Sunday, which we call Pascha and is the Greek word for the Hebrew, Passover. Sunday I sang in the choir as we celebrated. We start Saturday night. I left and did not eat a meal but went to have some more services at Saints Peter and Paul, and then went to bed. I went Sunday to the Commerece High School and wated over the back enterances and helped clean up some. I was to help Monday, but I slept right through the time I was to be up. I saw wok done on the hows I wanted to buy. They are cleaning it up and fixing it up and it will be a nice place. < > ! I just do not have money to get anything. And I had wanted this as it had a storefront there. But I knew it was gone when I walked by comming back from seeing anothr Past Grand Master, IOOF, in the hospital the week before. I need to go visit that man as he is now in a rehab facility and I have been near ther twice but had seemingly no time to go and visit. I do so much want to own some small spont in springfield to lay my head. This one room and large bathroom is just not my own place. Also many of the newer tenatns don't seem to care about life. I think they need to screen people better.

Please pray, I am very concerened. I still don't know what caused the sickness that hit me lst month. I do feel weakened. My back and especially my neck muscles hurt. The tingling is better in my left hand and thumb and little finger and sometimes not there at all after the new medicine.. I would liek to know really what is happening medically so I can ask God what to do.

The pain is still great in my arms, they feel like the muscles are atrophying. And I still feel so sick and I hurt a lot. It seems as if I were "dying" inside.

I went to see a Doctor that did a test, and oh did it hurt. They were testing how the nerves reacted to pins stuck in me and before that to electrical charges placedd on the nerves. I guess they found some carple tunnel syndrom as well as many other things.

I enjoyed singing in the choir but God has used that to remind me of how little I have been doing on what he told me to do. The work is before me and I really should do it. I seem to be running int he opposit direction.


I used more food stamps and some of the Big Y food cards. I am too far behind in using the Bible Reading Guide and in college studies. It is in a PDF format for people to look at on this website. Maybe I will staret at the April 1st date, but I fear it will not be until school is over with. I fear I am "loseing" this semester also. I don't seem to know how to study any more. The pains and shuch are all the time.



charlie, nektarios ippotis


The info. below is still sort of ok.

I have made a tri-fold resume like a brochure, my doctor said no work for at lest the next 3-6 months, ouch. It was last year, October 18th, when many donated to the Western Massachusetts Arthritis Foundation Walk. My back hurst, my neck hursts, I just plalin hurt. I hope people will donate also again this comming fall.

Soon I am helping in the Relay for Life of the American Cancer Society. We had meetings on it this week on the PTK induction ceremony next week but I did not go.


What follows are the new information about my injuries and the progress from my NeuroSurgeon! I am in great pain and have difficulty doing many things.
I said last before that I would probably take them down from here. Now I will keep them up a little longer so you can see what I am having difficulty in healing from.

about central cordd syndrom and new findings         Old Medical News, no longer so        spine and ares that is screwed together

Click on the images above to go to links to more information

I was released of the braces on the same day as my accident, but 4 months later!   BUT NOW I HAVE LOTS OF PAIN.   And they do not know why !!!

But the new medicines are helping the pain in the left had some. I thank God for my current Doctor.