Charlie's response to the verdict of Guilty for                
Amanda Knox      Amanda Knox during a happier time.

I have been in Italy and have seen the twisted logic that permeates that country,
probably a heritage of feudal hostilities and warring between city states for so long,
the country did not exist as a unified entity until this "modern" era.

Enough said, as anyone who has even casually followed this case, the Italian Court has proved her

but they have declared her guilty, as that was what was "politically correct" they felt.

Amanda has asked us NOT to condemn Italy, as she is appealing the verdict.
So I will be quiet, but watchful and not a cheerleader for them right now.

Hence, I ask others to join me in NOT buying, or eating, or watching
or in any way supporting
ANYTHING that comes from, is based in or manufactured in Italy
for the NEXT 26 YEARS,
or Amanda Knox's release from prison, which ever comes first.

Tonight I dumped down the drain any Italian wine or other foodstuffs I own,
and pronounce them all GARBAGE!

As much as it is allowed, I ask all to read whatever Amanda writes from prison, and defend her abilities to do so.
I would fully expect comments about the country and this travesty.
What bothers me most is that a country would continue to assume the worst about someone, when there is
. But this they did against Galileo Galilei.

Perhaps Amanda Knox can, from prison, give us a clear view of the Italian ethos, and in so doing, help them to alter things, and enter the real world.

But until such a time, I see Italy today as no better than the past when it joyfully goose stepped to follow Mussolini.

In the 1970's I knew many of the people I met in Fiuggi (Fiuggi Fonte being the fountain area) to be
undeniably arrogant believers of their own odd fantasy perception
and people who ignored real world facts.