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This will be the new page for Charlie Knight's things, it was started at Pascha, 2009.

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one of the couples dancing a tribute to Patrick Swayze and link to a video of that Dancing With The Stars video jen and patrick in the mambolessons section of the movie Dirty Dancing with a link to that vidieo   a couple dancing on a stange and a linke to the You Tube video of a part of the movie "Dirty Dancing"    red x overObamas image and a link to a video that tells why he no longer deserves our support  Star-spangeld-b anner-in Keys handwriting   image of celine dion and link to her song "I'm Alive"  Patric Swayze and his wife and a You Tube video about Pancreatic Cancer which took Patrick Jenefery Grey now dancing with Derek Hough Jen Grey and Derek Hough win the Dancing With the Stars competition and this is the image of them then and a link to more online info and pictures  
   Final song form Sister Act with the Pope watching and You Tube clip link    The word Bikini in an oval and the word is disapearing with a link t a vido on how to make a disapearing bikini, one that comes apart in water    Sister-Act 2 with two girls singing "His I is on the sparrow" and link to that small part of the movie
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Map of the world with the countries in which OddFellowship has lodges skperimposed on it and a link to a You Tube video aboaut the same. Three links of OddFellowship with the Letters F, L, and T inside indivisual links and a connection to the Sovereign Grand Lodge website. Hungry girl on a brkoom for a Halloween epison and link to the same     World mapwith the countries wehere OddFellow lodges are foun superimposed and a link to a set of video slides about the oddfellows in that country Map of the world with the countries in which OddFellowship has lodges skperimposed on it and a link to a You Tube video aboaut the same. Three links of OddFellowship with the Letters F, L, and T inside indivisual links and a connection to the Sovereign Grand Lodge website. Hungry girl on a brkoom for a Halloween epison and link to the same Link to a vido abouat oddfellows  
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      Image of a Lion and a lam with a link to a Yu Tube vido of Amy Grant singing El Shadi Adrianna's lips and the link to her photo online of a very sensual woman, hot!Image of sea shoe and the workds "the Lord will provide" which is what "Jehovah Jireh" means and a link to that beartiful You Tube video  
   silet-monks and a link to the youtube of how they got around making a joyful noise unto the lord without saying a word  
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    blond hot gal and her first shooting of a gud is captured on a short You Tube video this is linked to   Jess in evening gown and a You Tube for grilld chicken and applepanani    The words WAR is HELL superimposed on a german soldier eating grapes in WWII and a link to that sad German sog     War Department Informational film about why we fought in WWII    parchute against a blue sky and a link on You Tube to the Ken Betty film "Wake me up when the War is over"   Blond haired Jess  with a banana and a link to a You Tube video of her favorite breakfast  brunett shooting a gun and this one has it done right with a you Tube of this section  linked to   
       hot grl in bikini top and jeans wamrs up and says she can more thatn she might be kphysically read to do and a link to this You Tube expereince    The back end of a paddock girl at the race and a you tube linek to a story about this  Paddock girl in white whith a blue umprella shading a red clad bike rider and You Tube about such in 2008  hot-brunett girl on a morocross bike, suiting up  hottie-blond-archerett-can-really-shoot-a-bow_and-link-tothe-You-tube-of-this-performance
girls in a white and pink oval doing a car wash and linkto the same video online
chocolate chip recipe I think not.
this one is
chocolate chip cookies baking
look at the cookies not just the girl.


Tartine Bread from 4SP Films on Vimeo.


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I seem to have been taken in by a story abut Kristie Tunick
and this link goes to a Facebook story about it. I am taking about everything
off of this page the end of December. It is only academic now, whether she had 3 weeks to live or not.
The three weeks have passed and now there are many You Tube videos that say this was a scam.

All I know is that if she only had 3 weeks to live, the time is up now.
and I do not wat to be a party of any scam, at least not knowingly.

The video I posted here said she had only three weeks to live.
Now things like the following are posted. I got this update from chuck miller and his times union blog.
I have quoted chuck as wsell as I also am disgusted at people nottelling the truth in the cyber "world".
I also apologize to any and all that looked at this and sent money. I am so ashamed.

And that video references this Facebook account, which is called “Is Kristie Tunick a con artist?”

The folloing is from Chuck's blog. (Chuck is with the Times Union in Albany, NY.)
" I’m not liking this at all.   Not one bit.
See, I have a very good friend who is suffering from several medical conditions
– and is currently struggling to get any sort of independent health insurance. 
And to see my good friend suffer, yet still remain brave and positive and motivated through all this –
while at the same time, I find what looks like cyber-begging for money
to be used for anything other than a mysterious and possibly non-existent medical malady
– absolutely infuriates me.
I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I was taken for a ride, and that my blog may have unintentionally perpetuated this hoax. 
To that end, I apologize to you, my readers.
And what makes it worse for me – the next time I read about someone who is suffering from a life-threatening condition
and wants people to publicize their struggle, in the hope of finding the one medical professional who can cure their ailment,
I’m now less likely to say, “I will help you by publicizing your plight on my weblog,”
and more likely to say, “Yeah right. 
You’re more likely to have a Glee episode devoid of Auto-Tune before I mention your charitable request on my weblog.”
Because if the illnesses claimed by Kristie Tunick and Brian Mendenhall are indeed spurious …

Then I feel completely sick.

Sick of being fed a pile of cyber-manure."

End of chuck's comments, but htey are my sentiments as well..

Please Pray for Kristie Tunick and Brian, that God show them the way He wants for them.


secrets of a successful business

TotW   US flag with the original cast from cabaret sining Tomorrow belongs to me  TnoC tuba and a page about the sone Horst Wessel wrote  hy_poster-boy image and a link to a clear singing of "tomorrow belongs to me"  german-WWII-war-medal-designed-by-hitler_and-a-link-to-the-song-horst-wessel-wrote-and-the-SA-and-SS-used  no-smoking-sigan_and-utube link to a spoof of facism   nazi-wreat-and-link-to-introduxt-tof-hort-wessel-song german-solder-head_and-marschiert in Feindesland-translated  the-future-belongs-to-me song sent in nazi germany   High-School-Play couple and link to the You Tube of the "tommorow belongs to me" section of that play   head of nice girl and link to "tomorrow belongs to me" sung with U.S.A. images   youth in nazi hy cap and link to "the future belongs to me" song  Horst Wessel and a link to the song the nazis credited him with writing with english and dutch subtitles  British Union of Facists embland and song . EU flag and link-to-Briton-Awake song TbtM  Erica  German marghing song link  HS
  nazi SS soldier and link to musical version of marschiet in Feindesland   nazi ss soldier and link to  the tune, a bit out of sinc, of SS Marschiert in Feindesland   Dark green imge of a customs officer in Germany and link to that road drip scene and the tomorrow belongs to me song  maybe an italian white or facist sign with link to italian singer Ache se tutti.. noi noi   celtic cross and link to a "tomorrow belongs to me" in italian on You Tube cluser of red arrow aon a b lack circls and chairs in the middle and a link to "tomorrow belongs to me" in another language, smae tune  young girl conducting non nobis domini and a link to that performance  Non Nobis Domini perofrmed by another youth madrigal choral group and link to that group  red-cross on a parchment like baground and unreadable ledgeed and a link to non-novis-domini sung in a guitar arrangement  weired imagry, this time of a hole in the wall through which we view ruins and a linke to this perofrmace from a shakspearian ply entiteld "pardon, godess of the night"  Lady behind a fan-peering-over-its-edges and  a link to the violin romace from shakspear's play,  "as you like it" beer ad logo and link to a satirical view of a beer garden in South Africa under the queensland represive government  no nazi props and a young boy with dark hair and a light blue scarf on a white shirt sings tomorrow belongs to me with a choral back ground and link to this unusual but nice rendiiton of this part of the cabarat play  girl sings tomorrow belongs to me in the confrontational version with a link to this young peoples presentation of this scene from cabart  blond haired Hitler youth in uniform black and white image and link to Alex Harvey Band's rendition of the cabarat song "Tomorrow belongs to Me" 
      image in an oval of a transport truck and a hanebu-1 flying saucer and You Tube websie about the same in another language and haunting music    experimental nazi vertical take off plane  -  and a link to that You Tube sie and its nice music   hanabu-1 saucer craft that the nazis test fles just before the WWII ended is depicted here and a like goes to the Website on YouTube about this weapon  a circl with a blue background and a grey bat bomb in the center with a link to the You Tube story about this US bomb   image of adolph hitler and a link to a 1950's TV program called "the secret life of Adolf Hitler"    Luftwaffe eagle carring the swastika emblem of the German Air-Force in WWII and link to a site with music devoted to that air force    Horton-ho wing-plane experimental plane and like to nice music and more drawing plan images   file folder witht he words in English and German "the Bell" and a link tot he first in 5 webstes on you Tube about a nazi flying saucer called the bell that they were working on at the fall of Germany in 1945  a reconstruction of the nazi  "bell"  flying-wing looking like a bird and a link to the You Tube site about it  view of a modle of the repulsine devise and lint to a You Tube website about this sort of flying saucer  image of a "flying saucer" and link to YouTube website that uggest this came from Nazi wartime designs  
  Image showing communist crowd trying to get at the casket and disrupt the funeral    awful    and link to You Tube story about this early Nazi            a ssqure in which is the image of the New Swabia news angel   and a link to this fairy tale like story, that might just be true  New Schwabenland News image of a WWII German car in fron of a flying saucer with people in the car and link to the 2nd NSN You Tube offering  New Swabia News number 2 image of a flying squcer over ancient ruins and a link to this new you Tube presentation of the same message as before but clearer   image of a light emiting saucer shaped flying object over a lake or wetlands area and a link to New-Swabia-News the third edition iwth a messge in german  picture is of a mape of New Schwabenland or New Swabia in the antartic and a link to a You Tube account of over 200 missing u-boats at the end of WWII and a suggestion as to where they are now  furure domextic u-boat image and NSN V to stand for New Schwabenland News Five and link to that You Tube offering  USA Capital with flying sawucers (German levitation devices) flying over it at night and a link to the New Swabia News number 6 on You tube  map of admirel byrd's trip with many mena nd equipment to the south pole to see if the nazis are there and link to You Tube piece about this trip           german flying saucer and llink to part 1 of a story about a nazi mooonbase  nazi advanced genetic engineering of a baby is shown and a link to a moonbase II section of this story on You Tube  a nazi scientist and the story continues called moonbse III on You Tube  image of a scared scientist as the nazi advances grow into a way nevr dreamed of and link to this futher story called moonbase 4  
   NY Times artice about new nazi weapons in 1944 and link to this You Tube article all in the German Language   Nazi officers in front of a flying saucr the haunebu II and  a link to a You Tube site about this  spherical images on the moon and a You Tube video saying aliens are on the moon and warned NASA off         bible before the earth as seen from space and sotry about people in the hollow of the earth in You Tube two men fighting and a link to controverial theries about a hollow earth theory  giants on the earth this one is a lion man and link to story about the same smithsonina image and a link to tell of how a giant past history on this earth seal of the nazi expidition to the south pole and like to You Tube story about this and other things        space shot and tell about  theis on You tube link   shows med with sign in antartica and link to nazi secrets of WWII   cage maybe for launching a nazi ufo is seen eith a link to that You Tube story  
       panzers image or logo and link to song on You Tube about them with english translation   nazi space program eagle agianst the moon and link to You Tube story about it  image or german flying sqcer taken as a war pize by soviets and link to that You Tube story Ooperation High Jump 300 square miles of a fresh water lack with no ice in antartic and you tube story about it  run symbole and like to You Tube story about nazi technology for flying saucers  german haabu II space craft and like to a You tube about it German WWII flying wing airplane  and linke to You Tube item on German super weapons  nazi flying sauce over american ships gi helmet  Nazi eagle clutching wreath with swastika inside it and a link to the song "Lift High the Flag" on You Tube   
  u-boat periscope view of an attach and a link to the song for the uboats on You Tube     russian-flying-saucr        UF0 Crash animation and link to You Tube about this TV report  UFO light animation   ufo-crash eywitness and linkt to tv third boradcast  balced out windows truc of special governetn agency and link to You Tube 4th sory on a tv broadcast  US trucks transporting nuceal stockpile and TV braocast 5 about this.       the imag purports to be a Nazi flying saucer over th ocean and  alint to that You Tube site that shows this and a song      image of the black sun carved in a wall and a link to a You Tube site about the black sun and nazis
        Hitler giving a salute and a link to what we now call UFO's started in Nazi Germany     image of possible nazi bell a sort of flying saucer   nazi one wing flying saucers and link to you tube about it   The averocar and a you tube link about this flying saucer     a flying wing, and a you tube about possible nazi scientists in agentina  
  nazi bell antigravitational device image and you tubel to link of lecture about it   The nazi bell and you tuebe to video about it   nazi-a-bomer and link to You Tube story about possiblity that the A-bombs we dropped on Japan came from ones we captured from the nazis   a view of a purported atom bomb and a You Tube video that suggests the bombs we dropped were captured from a German U-Boat 
 hiter at his desk and a You tube that suggests hitler won and then lost the war, before american involvment   a scen from Nuremburg party rally and a link to Hiterls german socialism as explained in a You Tube video  a nazi flying saucer image and linke to a You Tube silent set of images of Nazi flying machines   a groups of Nazi officers looking over a map tiplifies this image of German secrets, like the flying saucers and a You Tube video about them  
          imge of hitler breaking a ribbon to opend an even and a lint to a somewhat humerous You Tube about the so called good things of the third riech  A German Air Force Eagle pin under Hitler on a circle of dark grey, almost black, and a link to that You Tube video about the populrity and passion of Hitler in Germany at that time, 1933  the part of a horn that the sound come out of, which begins a You Tube video about Hitler in his 11 years of glory, from 1933-1944  letters for communisum and facism with the nuber 1930 and a link to a You Tube video that suggests the horros of nazi germany and WWII will continue until the return of the Messiah.  a piture of the blood flag ceremnony where hitler touched a blood drenched flag to every other new flag of the riech's battalions and a link to a short video on You Tube about the National Socialists         
   Antarctica is seen in a vast blue sea of the oceans and a link to a story about Hitler escaping to a Nazi base there in 1945  -- The US calls this operation high-jum' Admiral Byrd's plane is represented by this plane flying over frozen antarctica and link to second part of the untold story of this war episod a symbolic view of antartica and the flags of the nations that agreed to use it in the future for only peaseful purposes and You Tube story about this.  
   Karen Schmidt sings the German national anthem in black pants and red jacket with a link to that You Tube website   serena patton in a off white to bluish dress and long black hair sings the german national anthiem as it is now with a link to theat you tube site.   Britis Union of facicits logo of a lightning in a white circle on a red one and link to You Tube of that song   blond girl standing throuch sunroof opeing of a car is holdin the German Flag in her arms and let it wave prouly with like to You Tube where thi is.
   HB  spiral-rotating to represent hypnossis and link to nazi marching son and this spiral  duce     
   Adolph Hiter in deep thought and a You Tube video asking you to belive in what he accomplished that was good   Hiter in motorcade and You Tube link that is sort of sympathetic to him.   Hiterl with a young girl at eaaglesnest and a you Tube about him  a view of one of the nazi rockets and a link to aYou Tube suggestion that it was German bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki  Hiter with a child and a link to a You Tube vieew that is kinder to Hilter  Thired reich eagle  of Germany under Hitler and a link to a You Tube with nice music and positive things to say about Adolph Hitler  Hiter and little children at the eagles nest and a You Tube link to similre images       
        swastika made on torches held by nazis and a You Tube video about the swatika and occultism  Adolph Hitler gives a speech in 1936 supporting a wintger campaign for more affluent Germans to help those of their ow in need and a You Tube link to that video Hitler in anoher rare speach, standing up before many and a You Tube link tat showes this speach from 1940   Hitelr staning with a link to a You Tube  link about the rare speach to America   A image of a german soldier and a link to a You Tube vido about the 4r1st attempt to kill Hitler   Hitler and goring as the army comes back from victory over France and the germans people think the war is over with a google attempt at a vido like You Tube about this           
      hitler at his parents grave and a link tgo a You Tube video about Hitlers supposed links with Roman Catholocism     Charlie Chaplain in the movie the Great Dictator gves a speak and this image is form that speech and a lilnk to the You Tube on this   Actor portraying Adolph Hitler and a link to a You Tube abut Hitlers rise to power by the occult     


    a picture of victor shaubger and a you tube link to a videeo ab obout his internal engine    

    text saying Thinking-Rich-vs-Poor USA and you tube link telling of 17 different ways they think  Image of the us seal and the words the federal reserv and link to a You Tube piece about this evil thing.  Ignore the music, just turn it off and read the screen.   Oswals Mosely about globilization and the fiinancial powers that rule from a speach he made and the audio is on You Tube that this links to  British Union of Facists symblol in Green and a link to a You Tube talkd by Oswald Mosely about the way financial institutions rule America,  Britan and the world. New World Order the Series speakr and this starts at episode 12 on You Tube    Word Fed sign as seen in the New World Order many part You Tube series that this links to Oswald mosely's head and link to a speach he gave on You Tube  George Donhoff image and link to You Tube intervew where he talks of his book called "Who Rules America"   Graph showing what percentage of peopl own most of the weath in thee USA and a you tube link to this subject.  oval says Why Poor Stay Poor and a You Tube is linked to tell those 10 reasons as this guy sees it.   

    M=contestants in the Miss Bikini Skol contest and like to video that shows this.Black t-shirt with white writing and a girl in a red bikini and stocking says sexy-T-shirts and has a link to that UK companys website  hot blond bowler gal in a thong and white skimpy shirt and a link to where these e-shirts can be bought online  Long haired girl in a t-shirt and link to the customized girl t-shirt desing shop   image of a brown haired girl laying down with words across her 't'-shirt that says "you know you'll got to jail for this" and a link to instructions in how to be a trophy wife    hot bloond in a black one shoulder wrap encourages us t o follow the link to the Flirtcatalog website  I suppoort single moms image of a pole dancer will take you to the hussy store and various pole dancing products  blond in skimpy white outfit pole dancing at a club and a link to get such sexy outfits and poles  Madeline a Berlin Prostitue with short split plad skirt kneed boots and leather jackert with a pony tale interviees by skyjohn and line to the You Tube interview  hot brown haird babe in a black  string bikini and link to a page that shows other hot girls T-shirt on a girl saying what you want goes here and a link to a custom made t-shirt company . flags of the Union and the South and a link to civil ware songs and lyrics onlline+   
      picture of Aurore Moonfruit and her website against the evil that is islam   Top 10 countries with the highest lifespan on a blue background and a link to a You Tube presentaton of those countries  History channel and the last secrets of the axis powers and a You Tube about the axis pact that almost suceeded in world domination and especially Karl H.   what if world war II had been a time when alien creatures attched up, this You Tube explores how we could unite, to save our very existence  image of Adolph Hitler superimposed upon a scene of Germany and a link to that You Tube video about him and his contributions as well as the evil that happened  The great Hall the new rechstag designed by Albert Spears is lincked to at You Tube  reichstag image of hitler delivering his speach in response to British bombing of England and link to that speech on You Tube  Last Days i mage over the picture of Mr. Perry and a llink to his You Tube video on this topic of Revelation   a couple singing and holding hands, and a link to the White Russian song Fairwell Slavianka on You Tube   Top 10 countries world map and a link to a You Tube place to tell of these facts   an image of civil war soldiers and a link to an online haunting song by Garnett Rogers   
  Brithish-Kingdom_flag-and-link-to-Anthem  confederat-state-of-America flg and song link  kingdo of prussa flag or seal and lnk to that sound  Chines communist flag and link to anthem   Japan new-flag and link to national anthem, shortest in use worldwide  Flag of Turkey and link to its national anthem  ussr flag and anthem link  Imperial Russian Crst and flag with link to a march  Russian Federation Falag and link to natinal Anthem . French Flag and link to French National Anthem    Italian Flag and link to National Anthem . Greek flag and link to its national anthem 
    German flag today, with a long version of the national anthem, the third verse is the only official verse today  spanish flag and link to  lyrics under franco Flag of Brazil and link to national anthem  Flag of South Africa now and link to it's national anthem KOld union of south afreica flag and link to it's national anthem  Russian seal like old byzantian empire and link to new old hymn story  Flag iof Danzig that Nazi Germany anexted and now is a city in poland and link to that You Tube song  national flag and link to the anthem of Greenland  flag of the Isle of Man and its anathem on You Tube  national flag of the former East Germany and a link to its anthem  Flag of imperial Russia and link to its anthem then  flag o f Whales and a link to its national anthem on You Tube 
     Flag of Imperial Iran and a link to its National Anthem on You Tube  flag and link to the You Tube anthem for the Islamic Republic of Iran  Saudi Arabia's flag and link to national anthem on You Tube Flag of Iraq during Sadaam Huseen and link to a vocal rendition of it  Flag  of Iraq and Natinal Anthem now on You Tube  flag of Palistine and linke to it's national anthem  Israel flag and link to national anthem on You Tube flag of fichy fance and a llinki to its anthem  flag of vatican city with the yellow and gold colors and a link to the national anthem on You Tube   flag of scotland and a link to You Tube and its national Anthem
flg of nato with a compas aon a field of blue and  alinkt to that anthem  Canadian Falg with red and white with a red maple leaf and link to a musical redition of the national anthem with English and French subtitles on You Tube  flag of Luxembourge of three colors , red, white, and blue and linke to You Tube rendition of its national anthem  Flag of Denamark and link to a You Tube rendition of it's National Anthem   Netherlands flag of three colors and link to a You Tube renditon of the National Anthem   flag of the netherlands antiles and link to a you tube rendition of its national anthem  flag of ireland and its natinal antham  Flag Bulgaria and link to its National Anthem on You Tube  bh    
    map of the colonies in 1775 and link to a You Tube video in three parts on the Revolutionalry War American Tea Party logo and link to that website  Join or die with parts of a snak and a link to gadston and culpepers suppliers of flags, etc.   comm market flag of twelve stars on a field of blue and a linke to its anthem  United Nations flag of a view of the earth superimposed on a blue field and a link to that nthem  The flag of the Common market with the song that is the anthem and lyrics inEnlish and then Italian and a link that takes you to a You Tube site  Euro mark like an e with two lines thruogh it horizontally godl and a blue background, as is the flag of 12 golden stars on a blue background and a link to a You Tube display of 50 years of uniting Europe in 5 min.  European Union a building in Europe emblematic of its rich history and a linke to a You Tube site that shows the flags of member nations at the time this was created. - Gadsten 1775 flag of a coiled rattlesnake on a bacground of yellow and the words, "Don't tread on me" and a link to a website  about this flag  +  Picture of the signing of the treaty of Paris and a link to a You Tube video of the revolutionary war by a young student
  waffen-ss troups and a link to the first of 3 positve You Tube videos about this elite fighting troops.   Hiter and a child and anther tribute to him by an admirer is the link to a You Tube video about that   hitler at a window recievieng accolades from the crowd and a link to the You Tube tribute to him.   map of Germany and Poland and a link to another sotry abut why the second world war happened. Ten o'clock and the clock from the tower in Red Square and link to a long Victory Celebration in Moscow found on You Tube  Image of Hitler against the sky and a link to a tribute to him and his form of National Socialism on the web   Above the brandenburg gate and a link to another speach by hitler.   a picture of a bomb and a link to a You Tube site that postulates that the A bombs we dropped were actually captured ones Hitler had developed  imag of hitlar from a balcony reviewing a prade with a link to the You Tube video that shows this, music, and some of the nazi beliefs Hitler had    
  German marching Band in snow and linek to the You Tube video of this marien band  German Marines and the marching band and a link to the  You Tube video of them marching   Image of soldier in a German band made up of Army, air-Force, and Mariens and lik to the You Tube video of this Nazi air force symbol of an egal with a wreeth in its claws and withing the reath a swatika and link to a You Tube video whth hat song  A round cirle of a picture of another German marching band and You Tube link to that video  German Army Band and link to the music played during this You Tube video  Image of Germand Marching Band in Berlin in 2008 and link to that You Tube video  Older men, perhaps veterans marching through a German Street with a band and link to that You Tube video German Flag flying over a military parade march and You Tube link to the same 
             an image of Hitler's army drill formations and link to the video on You Tube that shows this the army of Japan as it invades manchuria Japan and WWII You Tube vidoe about this  Hitler is named chandelor of Germany and a link to the You Tube story about this  British Prime Minister Chamberlin waves paper where Germany absorbes Checkslovakia and You Tube story about this.  German tank as they attaack Poland in WWII and You Tube video about this phase of WWII  Photo of the Frech maginol line of bunkers and a link to a You Tube video on the German war and invasion of France  RAF airplanes out do the Germain air force showing the planes in this picture with a link to a You Tube video about this fight.  Ships sinking in Pearl Harbor and an insert of FD Roosavelt speaking before Congress seeking a status of War between Japan it is 12-07-1941 with link to this You Tube video  General MacArthur Governer General of the Phillipians and link to You Tube video about this           
      American President FDR seeks to and get approval from congress to a lend least sales agreement to Britan instead of cash and cary with a link to a You Tube video about this   Nazi u boats attack the merchant ships destined for Britan with a You Tube video link  Flying tiger airpland and a link to a You Tube story about them  American tank and soldiers in retrat is depicted here and a llink to a You Tube story about this fight in WWII  German tank s it preses toward moscow, with You Tube video of this section of WWII  English rout the Italians and a you tube link to story about this and Romell's efforts   Russian tanks and troops mount a coutnerattack and link to You Tube story about this.  Romell and the Afrika Korps with video link to a You Tube video about this section of world war II           
         Peoplel wating a small tv windoware see here anda link to a story about Nazi TV  asin children in a symphonic orchestra playing the march, under the double eagle, with a link to that you tube video  A circle with a woman with a top hat in it in front of the american flag and a link to a You Tube link urging us to fight for our country against the forces that are killing it, as we know it now.   logo by Lynard Skynard and a link to a page where he sings "that aint my America"  A german band has recorded "undr the double eagle with a link to that march music played A double Eagle and a link to a You Tube rendition of that march by an Austrian Image of Waffen SS marching and a link to a You Tube video with that music as its background   
       german world war II swastika and linktovideo ab out it  German_Nazi-newspapers  Nazi victims at lipzig and a link to a video documenting these horors submitted as evidence in the nurenburg trials of nazis  Albert-Speer_and_other-hitler-Nazis-and-a-video-about-them-is-linked-to-this    a veiew ofthe SS nest  and linkto a video on the Unholy Relecks of Nazi Germany        
   UFO letters and a link to a video about possible nazi interactions with what we now call unidentified flying saucers  German air force symbol on a metal plate and link to You Tube video that shows this and plays marching music  a Nazi parade with swastikas and mythical nordic costums and a link to the Occult basis of Nazi Germany in a video online   
     image of donald duck and  a link to a video about cartoons in the WWII war effort  crossed out image ofhitler and link to a video about lack of loyalty to hitler in the last stages of WWII image of B. Mussolini and link to a video about Italian Facisim  
    image of SS soldiers Marching and link to video on the Occult in Nazi Germany -- Part 2   Image of islamic cleric brandishing a sword and sayinig they will cut of our heads and a link to a video exposiing the evil that is islamic leadership today 
   Jewish woman found dead in delchin concentration camp by thebritish and a link to a video ab out this for the BBC that Alfred Hitchcock had a part in making
    skull and crossed bones and link to a video about th occult practices and how some came from the USA   german-eagle and a link to Nazi newsreel clips 
     German Iorn Cross inside a black box and a link to a website explaining this cross over the years    Priests give Hitler the salute and a link to a video about Hitlers mixing religious and politicsfor his own benefit    Hindenburg and Hitler and a link to a website with other Nazi posters from 1933 to 1945   
     A golden x crosses out the Nazi swasticka symbol and a link to getty images and the Nazi song   german SS image and a link to a German marching song    swastika and link to a website about such  revers swastika and a link to a website about the true meaning of the swastika  german-Nazi Swastika turned on it's side and broken apart and a link to an article on the consequences of Geermany losing Hitler's war. 
      Image of a brunett smelling a long stemed rose and link to the tune "Red Roses for a Blue Lady"by Bert Kaenpfort   a map of the world with which area aare dominated by what religionand a link to a vidow witha funky sound track thatshows these religious growth in 2 minutes  rs2 the gernman colors syperimposed upon by the wikipedia logoand the words IPA and a lik to anIPA pronounciation for german website rs1  swastika and a lilnk to avideo on its true meaning the symbol has been around for many thousand of years  fs-sin Ber-kemfet-Morgan's image and a You Tube Link tohis music sitn  some german aiplanes and a link to a video honoring the Luftwaffee with classical music and many slides of air-planes    Maple leaf and link to Bert Kaempfert-Morgan's version of the song "Tenderly"  
  Stone block with the date 2050BD as when the stones started to come to Stonehenge and a You Tube link about this   Reenactment of workers building stonehenge at the same time that the piramids were built and a You Tube link to a story about this  War Bond supported video logo and like to that video on you tube and how the advancement of radio helped the allies in WWII  Stonehenge image of wht it wuld have looked like with a roof and a link to a vido that suggests it did have a roof.  O  switched heads click to see larger image and the marvel that we can not trust our own eyes  South American cannels and the acapana pyramid and you tube video on this story  An image of the spot in South America and a link to a You Tube story about this oldest city in the world  mayan Math and video on You Tube taht tries to show it is linked here  Boys hand with a post-it on it saying Mayan Math 2 + 2 = 5 revistied and link to You Tube video on this     
    Mayan Temple and a link to a You Tube about getting to know what God has in you, before the end comes  Mayan calandear and link to Mayan Revelaion video on You Tube  Short video of boy walking by the pyramids of missor that the you tube linked text says are to be torn down for a strip mall   Picture of the missisiipians matriarchal leader and link to You Tube story about this.  image of a Pyramid and the great city that existed before the pilgrims and a you tube story it is linked to  Pyramids in bucks county PA pictured and talked about in the You Tube video a young person shot and is linked to   Cahokian mound upin which leaders buildings were built and a video story about it on You Tube  Mayan-underworld videeo from BBC is linked to this image of deserted Myan temples   
  Claudine Longet and a linkto a tribute video of her great voice   A unique Math solution and a link to the You Tube site that displays it.   Claudine Longet's eyes and link to her song "the look of love" performed with any williams   
  a picture of a person being hung from the rope of a building crane and the words Evil Islam and a link to a book that shows the atrocities Muslims commit in the name of God.     
   us map with read and blue state and link to a website aobut this     
tomorro belings to me link to page that has it embeded and an image of people featuren a woman and her child which I strangely love or at least like and care for a lot

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