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Triodion is passed . We have passed bright week, days of recommitment and Pentecost .
We are now in what the west calls "ordinary time".

St. Gerasimos of the Jordan

rope with knot and link to many of ck's favorite sites rope and link to sites charlie visits a lot

This will be the new page for Charlie Knight's things, it was started at Pascha, 2009.

Click on my head, if you want to really  charlie with large beard  find out why I went back to college or email me.

   Sp 10     Fall 09    College     party-hat-and-glass        Special Date & Clock       party-ribbons   

Resume in pdf    Comments

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      small shamrock and llik to Saint Patricks Day page    

For the items below, download the image then set the printer margins for 1/2 inch when you print the picture.

   Orthodox Observer-wreath-normal      ST   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year cards  tu  CC Christmas Carols Wreath and link to carol sheet of some words    Cancer Concert and link to larger pdf     small image and link to thank you card for small envelope   image of man putting lambs blooe on the hous lenta and Pascah 2010 greeting-link     Pascha_2009     cross  link to one page Pascha Greetings in many languages     link to wikipedia Pascha greetings in many languages     Praise God letter image and link to pdf.  Thanksgiving 2007     Christmas_3_panel     christmass-2007 nativity from west wall       small image and a link to hopital thank you card      New Testemant Bible Challenge and lilnk to PDF     Merry Christmas and Theosis   L   Amanda Knox and link to Charlies comments        Orthodox Observer Wreath other-items    
         Daily Word Feed      Chanting Church of Greece     Learn to Chant     Byzantine Hymns       Writings of the Apostolic Fathers      The Orthodox Observer  
    Seasonals     Gifts from the Chuch's Sunday School Children     BIBLE Reading GUIDE      House Blessing Child     HB-priest   Theophany      

CeK's milestones or comments in the last months of 2009
July     August 1-9     August 9-14     August 14-28     August 28- September 10    September 11-19    September 20-26
September 27-October 3     October 4-10     October 11-17     October 18-24     October 25-31     November 1-7     November 8-14
November 15-21    November 12-28    November 29-December 5     December 6-12    December 13-19    December 20-26    December 27-Jan. 2, 2010  
CeK's milestones or comments in the beginning months of 2010 
      January 3-9     January 10-16      January 17-23      January 24-30     Jan. 31-February 06    February 07-13    February 14- 20     February 21 - 27
Feb. 28 - March 06
,  March 7-13, March 14-March 20,  March 21-March 27, March 28-April 03
April 4-April 10,  April 11 - 17, April 18 - April 24, April 25-May 1
May 2 - May 8,   May 9 - May 15,  May 16 - May 22,   May 23 - May 29
May 30 - June 5June 6 - June 12,   June 13 - June 19, June 20 - June 26.   June 27 - July 03
July 04 - July 10,   July 11 - 17,  July 18 - 24,  July 25 - 31

click on the dates in blue or purple type to see the comments and thoughts/needs of charlie.

    bcc first -to-fifty logo and link to that page  stcc (Springfield Technical Community College) modified logo and link to the college's first or front page  a link to the STCC sticcler  the colleges information "paper" while in a semester  University of Massachusetts at Amherst seal and link  UMass Daily Collegian link and the leters DC from the masthead   country house   wes carr's website chat page  P   western-mass-network-homeless-chat  combined chrisitan conferrence   WMRN   chi-rho   noaa   NOAA link to Springfield, MA daily weather graph and an image of such a graph  
pastel ward map and link to pdf street map of Springfield, MA   image of springfield wards and link to ward map with link to voting locations  P of H  Grange map of springfield and link to pdf of the same from the 2009 Keep Springfield Beautiful campaign     ioof encampment logo and link to Agawam Encampment # 25's web presence  3links_flt_gold-links  amity lodge 3colored-links and link to home page  massachussetts past grand masters   Sovereign Grand Lodge seal/logo and link  seal and link to the city of springfield,  MA   charlie-and-link-to-his-blog-page  PTK   
   virginMobile4132222655___02_normal    aol-email    DC-email   Netscape-email    yahoo-email     stcc-student-email    MS_Hotmail     g-mail    verizon-email   413-629-7991 girl at comouter and link to adult finder 
Read the bill proponent and linke to that speach  Raivile 32 Byers Street Board of Directors yahoo Groups link   Carols-St-george  . female-or-male image and link to larger image     frozen-thermometer and wind chill page link     Holy-trinity-Greekk-Orthodox-Church    d Antiochian Orthodox Cross and link to Saint Stephens Western Rigte Orthodox Church. o/e    Saint George Greek Orthodox Church, Springfield, MA small image and link to that website    Saints Peter and Paul OCA Church building and link to that website    house wintering image and links to page     small-cold-thermometer_and-llinkk-to-noaa-inspired-wind-chill-page     image of date chart with link to page with larger date chart jpeg   Rainville Tenants Union logo and website link

     lee bank logo and link          live.com email         Citizens Bank          SovereignBAnk           +            TDBankNorth          United-Bank      ssa-online       mail.com_homestead-address    
  dead bodies of jews at nazi concentration camp after liberated by allies and link to blog with original video   picture of massachusetts in back of the national GRANGE logo and alink to the Massachusetts State Grange   firfox logo in a apple monitor and link to firefoox personas and other extras page    Bo Vertrano and his website to help us learn    right-to-Work_logo and link to homepage   mc  48thsquadronAssociation_Walt-Disney-Studios-inspired-logo_and-link-to-the-association     kde-konquer homepag loga and link     Forced-uionism and link to the hul where this intereview can be heard   time-meeting logo and link to a world clock time page      GoDaddy Domain name logoa and link   
          natinal-grid     Ancient Faith Radio      Adobe Reader       OpenOffice  Suite          Bible-and-money and link to accountability page           Relay-for-Life_2009        Arthritis-walk       Time in Massachusetts_from-Greenwich-Mean-time-computer   IOOH letters on the back of a shirt -- and a link to a you tube piec about the order   rent-check and link to same in a doc file   
     image of charlie in 2008 Arthritis Walk and link to his donations page for the 2010 Western Mass. Arthritis Walk   You belong with me video's image of the i-love-you sign romantic image and link to video  sx  Bicycle-circus-image and unique girls act link   w    NOFA Summer Conference    Cathedral of the Pines altar and link to services    National Coalition for the Homeless - logo and link     Anna-Shea and a link to a video aboaut making chocolate with an rv trailer at first charlie knight at the 2008 Relay and a link to his page as a STCC stompers member in this relay  
      pioneer valley Freewheelers logo and link      BkPlan    PVTA Bike Rack picture and link to a video about its usage   Mass-Bike logo and link      cycle final-project disani did at hampshire      Berkshire Bikeway logo and link      Portland-Oregon moving by bicycle image and link     BkClbs    cyclnauts bicycle club link and image of cartoon bicycle rider  
     Berkshire-Eagle-Online    ebay-online-auction-link    pvta-bus-link       links to links         peter-pan-bus   Amzon-dot-come_ni_ck    Springfield_Republican_Mass-live_online 
sitepoints_Javascript-live__ceknight_new-normal    Seal of the town of New Marlborugh, MA and link to the town website    the fre dictioanlry logoa and link     ubuntu graphic announcing version 9.0 and link to site to download ubuntu a free linux operating system      Republican proposal for healthcare and irs   broken-medical-symbo_and-link-to-health-care-reform-page    image of Adolf Hitler and link to video called "Triumph of the Will   140s eagal and link to amercan video as to why they enterd the world war II  OS of the new world ordr click in center for one You Tube on the outside for anther   OS     
 TotW   US flag with the original cast from cabaret sining Tomorrow belongs to me  TnoC tuba and a page about the sone Horst Wessel wrote  hy_poster-boy image and a link to a clear singing of "tomorrow belongs to me"  german-WWII-war-medal-designed-by-hitler_and-a-link-to-the-song-horst-wessel-wrote-and-the-SA-and-SS-used  no-smoking-sigan_and-utube link to a spoof of facism   nazi-wreat-and-link-to-introduxt-tof-hort-wessel-song german-solder-head_and-marschiert in Feindesland-translated  the-future-belongs-to-me song sent in nazi germany   High-School-Play couple and link to the You Tube of the "tommorow belongs to me" section of that play   head of nice girl and link to "tomorrow belongs to me" sung with U.S.A. images   youth in nazi hy cap and link to "the future belongs to me" song  Horst Wessel and a link to the song the nazis credited him with writing with english and dutch subtitles  British Union of Facists embland and song . EU flag and link-to-Briton-Awake song TbtM  Erica  German marghing song link  HS
  nazi SS soldier and link to musical version of marschiet in Feindesland   nazi ss soldier and link to  the tune, a bit out of sinc, of SS Marschiert in Feindesland   Dark green imge of a customs officer in Germany and link to that road drip scene and the tomorrow belongs to me song  maybe an italian white or facist sign with link to italian singer Ache se tutti.. noi noi   celtic cross and link to a "tomorrow belongs to me" in italian on You Tube cluser of red arrow aon a b lack circls and chairs in the middle and a link to "tomorrow belongs to me" in another language, smae tune  young girl conducting non nobis domini and a link to that performance  Non Nobis Domini perofrmed by another youth madrigal choral group and link to that group  red-cross on a parchment like baground and unreadable ledgeed and a link to non-novis-domini sung in a guitar arrangement  weired imagry, this time of a hole in the wall through which we view ruins and a linke to this perofrmace from a shakspearian ply entiteld "pardon, godess of the night"  Lady behind a fan-peering-over-its-edges and  a link to the violin romace from shakspear's play,  "as you like it" beer ad logo and link to a satirical view of a beer garden in South Africa under the queensland represive government  no nazi props and a young boy with dark hair and a light blue scarf on a white shirt sings tomorrow belongs to me with a choral back ground and link to this unusual but nice rendiiton of this part of the cabarat play  girl sings tomorrow belongs to me in the confrontational version with a link to this young peoples presentation of this scene from cabart  blond haired Hitler youth in uniform black and white image and link to Alex Harvey Band's rendition of the cabarat song "Tomorrow belongs to Me" 
      image in an oval of a transport truck and a hanebu-1 flying saucer and You Tube websie about the same in another language and haunting music    experimental nazi vertical take off plane  -  and a link to that You Tube sie and its nice music   hanabu-1 saucer craft that the nazis test fles just before the WWII ended is depicted here and a like goes to the Website on YouTube about this weapon  a circl with a blue background and a grey bat bomb in the center with a link to the You Tube story about this US bomb   image of adolph hitler and a link to a 1950's TV program called "the secret life of Adolf Hitler"    Luftwaffe eagle carring the swastika emblem of the German Air-Force in WWII and link to a site with music devoted to that air force    Horton-ho wing-plane experimental plane and like to nice music and more drawing plan images   file folder witht he words in English and German "the Bell" and a link tot he first in 5 webstes on you Tube about a nazi flying saucer called the bell that they were working on at the fall of Germany in 1945  a reconstruction of the nazi  "bell"  flying-wing looking like a bird and a link to the You Tube site about it  view of a modle of the repulsine devise and lint to a You Tube website about this sort of flying saucer  image of a "flying saucer" and link to YouTube website that uggest this came from Nazi wartime designs  
            a ssqure in which is the image of the New Swabia news angel   and a link to this fairy tale like story, that might just be true  New Schwabenland News image of a WWII German car in fron of a flying saucer with people in the car and link to the 2nd NSN You Tube offering  New Swabia News number 2 image of a flying squcer over ancient ruins and a link to this new you Tube presentation of the same message as before but clearer   image of a light emiting saucer shaped flying object over a lake or wetlands area and a link to New-Swabia-News the third edition iwth a messge in german  picture is of a mape of New Schwabenland or New Swabia in the antartic and a link to a You Tube account of over 200 missing u-boats at the end of WWII and a suggestion as to where they are now  furure domextic u-boat image and NSN V to stand for New Schwabenland News Five and link to that You Tube offering  USA Capital with flying sawucers (German levitation devices) flying over it at night and a link to the New Swabia News number 6 on You tube  map of admirel byrd's trip with many mena nd equipment to the south pole to see if the nazis are there and link to You Tube piece about this trip    
  Black t-shirt with white writing and a girl in a red bikini and stocking says sexy-T-shirts and has a link to that UK companys website  hot blond bowler gal in a thong and white skimpy shirt and a link to where these e-shirts can be bought online  Long haired girl in a t-shirt and link to the customized girl t-shirt desing shop   image of a brown haired girl laying down with words across her 't'-shirt that says "you know you'll got to jail for this" and a link to instructions in how to be a trophy wife    hot bloond in a black one shoulder wrap encourages us t o follow the link to the Flirtcatalog website  I suppoort single moms image of a pole dancer will take you to the hussy store and various pole dancing products  blond in skimpy white outfit pole dancing at a club and a link to get such sexy outfits and poles 
  Brithish-Kingdom_flag-and-link-to-Anthem  confederat-state-of-America flg and song link  kingdo of prussa flag or seal and lnk to that sound  Chines communist flag and link to anthem   Japan new-flag and link to national anthem, shortest in use worldwide  Flag of Turkey and link to its national anthem  ussr flag and anthem link  Imperial Russian Crst and flag with link to a march  Russian Federation Falag and link to natinal Anthem . French Flag and link to French National Anthem    Italian Flag and link to National Anthem . Greek flag and link to its national anthem 
    German flag today, with a long version of the national anthem, the third verse is the only official verse today  spanish flag and link to  lyrics under franco Flag of Brazil and link to national anthem  Flag of South Africa now and link to it's national anthem KOld union of south afreica flag and link to it's national anthem  Russian seal like old byzantian empire and link to new old hymn story  Flag iof Danzig that Nazi Germany anexted and now is a city in poland and link to that You Tube song  national flag and link to the anthem of Greenland  flag of the Isle of Man and its anathem on You Tube  national flag of the former East Germany and a link to its anthem  Flag of imperial Russia and link to its anthem then  flag o f Whales and a link to its national anthem on You Tube 
     Flag of Imperial Iran and a link to its National Anthem on You Tube  flag and link to the You Tube anthem for the Islamic Republic of Iran  Saudi Arabia's flag and link to national anthem on You Tube Flag of Iraq during Sadaam Huseen and link to a vocal rendition of it  Flag  of Iraq and Natinal Anthem now on You Tube  flag of Palistine and linke to it's national anthem  Israel flag and link to national anthem on You Tube flag of fichy fance and a llinki to its anthem  flag of vatican city with the yellow and gold colors and a link to the national anthem on You Tube   flag of scotland and a link to You Tube and its national Anthem
flag of ireland and its natinal antham
   us map with read and blue state and link to a website aobut this     
tomorro belings to me link to page that has it embeded and an image of people featuren a woman and her child which I strangely love or at least like and care for a lot

web browsers
777 christian browsing   Amaya   aol   Arachnophilia    Avant   Arora  bassed on chrome   Chrome   Crazy   Fire-fox   the slim browser by FlashPeak   Flock   Gay-Web   Green web browser thourgh more-quick   Heat-Seek  adult content browser   Internet-Explorer  
 I-Q   Juno   Kids-Netr safe christian browser    Konqueror   Lunascape   Lynx   Neo-Planet    Netscape  fter AOL bought netscape they ceased production of it, and now they are just a footnote in the internet world  Charlie still thinks Netscape is a good browser but uses Firefox mostly himself.   Net-surf is currently NOT for windows or Mac OS, it is a Linux browser   Opera   Safari   Sea-Monkey   Sleipnir   Spider-Web  this might not be the right urls  this is a no frills browser   World  browser might no longer be availabel    
 Alexa    ali babba   all the web  alta vista   aol search now powered by google so watch out   Ask  used to be ask jeaves   bing   bit junkie   cuil   dog-pile   Eve Knows   excite  
 flix flux   galaxy   giga blast  Go Disney   Google   hot bot   Kompass   MS live search   Lycos   TEK    - Knowledge Equals Power   Yahoo
search engines
  css-w3t     bed # 54     csst.net      switching     GCSF 
  Modesto CA GO Church altar image and link to Divine Liturgy Sundays 12PM EST  RH  Antwerp Link to Cooperation Theater page  np  Celtic Women image and link to page where they sing Oh Holy Nightafns  witch-like-hungrygirl-halloween-video-link +  %  Cute lilttel girls sing a christmas carol  *  Maria Caryimage and link to her song - all  I want for Christmas is you  |  nkc  Britney S. with mistletoe over head and link to cobbled video by a fan  HHAS  Kings College Choral boys choir image and link to " Once in Royal David's City" performed  
  kittens   Package-pickup      ag   legalize the constitution image  ag2  LA Greek festival logo and link to a You Tuebe site about the festival    
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click on the alarm clock for the  alarm clock in the time Jesus used and link to a world time page    time in most countries worldwide

US Naval Observatory Master Clock Time:

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Here is a little clip you can watch as you think "outside the box".
It touches on the new way people are communicating today and the social media revolution.


vampirea-date-weight and calendar of holidays from 2010 through 2015


Treasures of the russian tsars removed from auction


Medicare enrollment and changes explained

bicycle project
If you click on the image above and you don't get to the bicycle project page, then
click here for bicycle video+.x


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